aboutSt. Charles College of Education (SCCE) is run by the prestigious congregation of sisters of St. Charles Borromeo who devote their service for the up-liftment of the underprivileged and educating the young minds worldwide. They have established their presence in Thirunagar, Madurai for almost 50 years serving the people and reaping bright students in the process of nation building. Located in a serene and pristine environment surrounded by trees, lush greenery and necessary infrastructure in a 13 acres campus sets a pleasant ambience for learning and also hosts 3 model schools within.The college has all facilities that include a Computer lab, Science Labs, Language & Psychology Lab, Audio Visual Hall, Indoor Play Area, Canteen, Library etc.

“Gaining theoretical knowledge is just one aspect of teaching. Practical training is the other. Institutions are now becoming increasingly conscious about this, and we are trying to keep pace with the ever-changing trends and provide for individual development. At SCCE we are far more particular about the way we train our student teachers. Not only do the teachers have to do their basic degrees, but additional training is provided to them. There are thinking skills, we teach, we follow specific learner profiles, which play an important role in the way education is imparted.” says founder Dr. AmaliAnbarasi.

Here Educational/ Social Awareness/ Technological Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and training are conducted periodically to instill an attitude of enquiry and desire for knowledge in students. Our College aims at forming mature women teachers who are enlightened, committed to empowering the marginalized and building a truly secular nation.