Matured women teachers enlightened, empowered and committed to educate and empower the new generation to build a secular nation.


To form women teachers who realize that teaching is a noble profession. To prepare women teachers who are empowered with knowledge, skills and values of love, compassion, integrity, service etc. to be competent, committed and creative for the development of a more just social order in an atmosphere of intellectual verve and moral integrity. To train and form women teachers so as to enlighten and empower the next generation to bring about the desired social changes. To train the prospective teachers to become relevant educators in an ever changing techno-world of today. To inculcate in student teachers an eco-friendly attitude. To make the College an ideal institution for forming teachers who become relevant to present generation.

ENLIGHTENED to EMPOWER is the special objective of our institution for teacher education. Qualitative educators have become rare in the present context of our country which commercialises everything including education, non-ethically. To fight against this trend, to swim against the current and to hold on to the values of the Gospel of Christ is our Motto.